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Our Campus

Our Campus

The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral sits on ten acres on the southside of Maryland Avenue, southeast of SR 51 and Lincoln Drive.

Besides the Cathedral, the property includes the St. George Chapel, the two-story Administration and Education Building, and the Speros Community Center.

We invite you to visit us!

Holy Trinity Academy Parochial Preschool and Kindergarten

We are blessed to have a quality Orthodox school right on our campus! 


Situated in North Central Phoenix

Little Big Minds Preschool

We are also fortunate to house a Spanish-immersion preschool!



Our beautiful 10-acre campus near Glendale Avenue/Lincoln Boulevard and the 51 can accommodate small and large group events.

Inquire with our Church office for more information.


Faceted Glass

Holy Trinity Cathedral's Faceted Glass Windows

Holy Trinity Cathedral, and the smaller St. George Chapel next door, both have windows on all sides made of faceted glass.

Faceted glass windows are not stained glass windows, which use thin pieces of flat glass. Faceted glass windows use thick slabs of glass, cut into desired shapes, then selectively faceted (chipped) on the edges of the glass to enhance the refraction of light.

To reflect the desert, the Cathedral's and Chapel's faceted glass is embedded in sandy concrete.

The photo above shows the exterior and then the interior of one panel.